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Verb Typologies revisited : A Cross-linguistic Reflection on Verbs and Verb Classes

5-7 February 2009

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For a number of years, the departments of English, French, and Dutch linguistics at Ghent University have been engaged in joint research projects in the area of contrastive grammar. In 1995 the research group which evolved from this collaboration was christened the ďCONTRAGRAMĒ group.

Contragram's present six year research project focuses on the relation between grammatical structure and meaning in Dutch, French and English from a contrastive and corpus-based perspective. Specific areas of interest include the interrelatedness between the syntax and semantics of verb classes and the way they can be arranged into corpus-based typologies. For further information on this project, please read Meaning in-between Structure and the Lexicon.

Past projects of the group include the design and compilation of a Dutch-French-English contrastive verb valency dictionary, as well as contrastive investigations into the structure of the noun phrase and of the sentence in the three languages. For more information on the latter projects, see A Dutch - French - English contrastive grammar for foreign language teaching. For further information on the valency dictionary project, we refer to A Dutch - French - English verb valency dictionary.

The current staff of the CONTRAGRAM group consists of  Filip Verroens (French Dept.), Annelies Bloem (French Dept.), Martine Delorge (Dutch Dept.), Bernard De Clerck (English Dept). Former staff are Timothy Colleman, Bart Defrancq, Rik De Muynck, Filip Devos, Fran Huys, Heidi Martens, Lutgart Martens, Dirk NoŽl, Paul Robberecht, Mieke Van Herreweghe, Liselotte Van Vlem and Marleen Van Peteghem.  The supervisors of the present project are Magda Devos (Dutch), Anne-Marie Simon-Vandenbergen (English), and Dominique Willems (French, spokesperson). Johan Taeldeman (Dutch) was engaged as a supervisor in the past projects mentioned above.

This site contains a regularly updated list of publications of the research group. The Contragram group also provides a selective bibliography on contrastive linguistics.

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